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The Right Size for Learning: Class Sizes in MassachusettsApril 27, 2015

Children have a better chance to succeed in school when they receive individualized support and attention. Smaller class sizes are one way to help our teachers meet the needs of each child. This paper examines the evidence on how class size reductions can improve outcomes and expand opportunity for all of our children, particularly those who face the greatest obstacles.

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Analyzing the House Ways & Means Budget for FY 2016April 16, 2015

The HWM budget for FY 2016 recommends targeted investments in some important areas including early education and care, affordable housing, and opiate abuse prevention and treatment. The proposal also includes new cuts to some important programs including workforce training for low income parents and youth jobs and violence prevention efforts. Read this Budget Monitor for more detail.

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The Minimum Wage in Massachusetts: Challenges & Opportunities April 14, 2015

Over the last 40 years, as productivity has increased steadily and we have created more value per hour worked, that growth has not translated into greater economic security for working people and their families. If the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity growth since 1968 it would be over $18 an hour today - twice its current level in Massachusetts.

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